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GTA 6 is coming in 2025. The trailer and especially Vice City looks amazing. Everyone is hyped, that’s for sure.


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Tradwife is a word I just found out about. It is, apparently, another word for ‘traditional wife’. It basically means that there are women out there who would love to live like we are in the fifties (so: not working, just being a housewife).

Jackdaw’s Rest quest

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Jackdaw’s Rest quest is a quest in the Harry Potter game (Hogwarts Legacy) and it is truly one of the best quests ever. Very well done, except for the end (but I won’t give any spoilers).

KN Car

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KN Car is, apparently, what people are Googling to eventually find out the name on the logo is Kia and not KN. So no, KN Car is not a brand; Kia is, though.

(see: Kia’s new logo)

Kia’s new logo

Folk topic

I mean: who decided to change the logo of Kia to this, should be fired. Come on: it reads as KN and everyone is Googling ‘KN Car’ to find which (nice looking) car that is.

What a fail from this nice company.


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Moonbreon is practically speaking Pokémon slang in the sense that it is referring to the Umbreon Pokémon card (TCG) where this pocket monster is trying to reach the moon (hence Moonbreon).


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Chonkachu is the nickname of a fat Pikachu, who is depicted on a Pokémon TCG card.

The word Chonkachu is a combination of the slang term chonk and Pikachu.

Kız Kulesi renovation

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Kız Kulesi is the Turkish name of Istanbul’s iconic Maiden’s Tower. In a bid to revive the iconic tower, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has initiated a restoration project titled “The Maiden’s Tower Opens Its Eyes Again.”

The problem? It seems like the tower is fully removed, as shown by photos taken by social media users. If that is the case, this restoration can hurt the symbol of Istanbul a lot.