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Hogwarts Legacy

Folk topic

Hogwarts Legacy is the new Harry Potter game that will be released by Portkey Games. Everyone (every Potterhead) is looking forward to this game, but it is still unclear when it actually will be released. I mean ‘Holidays 2022’ is just like saying nothing.

Nevertheless, looking forward to travel around Hogwarts and chilling with the witches and wizards from the Harry Potter world.

Floo Flame

Folk topic

Floo Flame will be, probably, the name of the flame we will see in the Hogwarts Legacy as part of the Floo Network to travel around Hogwarts.

Sebastian Sallow

Folk topic

Sebastian Sallow is the name of a charismatic Slytherin student who will be featured in the Hogwarts Legacy game, coming ‘this Holiday’. Apparently he had a troubled childhood, so let’s see what will happen in the game.

That’s Rich

Folk topic

That’s Rich is a song we heard during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It was Brooke from Ireland who performed it and did well, but sadly nobody really valued it and she could not make it to the finals.


That is rich means: something that one says when someone criticizes you, but because they are as bad as you, you state this to show that you do not think they are being fair.


Folk topic

To prepone is the logical opposite of to postpone, but it is not an official word. Preponing means to bring (something) forward to an earlier date or time.


Folk topic

Alopecia is the name of a autoimmune disorder causing hair to come out due to inflammation of the hair roots.