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Hinglish is a combination of the words: Hindi + English. Hinglish is the name for slang words (and the language) which consists of Hindi and English words.

Audi A3

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The Audi A3 is one the best cars I have ever driven. Seriously: even a 1.4 Turbo can outperform most cars. Next to that, I really loved its grip, especially when you were taking a turn. Truly awesome car.

Pokémon Legends Arceus

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Pokémon Legends Arceus is the best Pokémon game you can play. It’s all we had wished for when we were kids. You can fly, catch and fight with Pokémon in a (semi) open world. What else would a man like?

Great work, Nintendo and Game Freak. You guys rocked it this time.


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Vexatious sounds like the word ‘vixen’. Something that is vexatious, is difficult to deal with and causing a lot of anger.


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Kakistocracy is the name of a government run by the worst, least capable and qualified people.