Abbreviations Dictionary

Overview and a list of abbreviations with their meaning and definitions. Define your own words at Folkabulary.


Folkabulary official definition
  1. CritSit is an informal abbreviation which stands for ‘critical situation’
  2. Abbreviation (‘critical situation’) mainly used in IT in case of e.g., outages


Folkabulary official definition
  1. MSRP is an abbreviation which stands for ‘manufacturer’s suggested retail price
  2. The price that a product’s manufacturer recommends it be sold for at the point of sale


Folk topic

C.R.E.A.M. is slang and an abbreviation. C.R.E.A.M. stands for: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”


Folk topic

LMKWYT is slang and an abbreviation. LMKWYT stands for: “let me know what you think”.


Folkabulary official definition
  1. GN is an abbreviation which stands for “good night”


Folkabulary official definition
  1. GM is an abbreviation which stands for ‘good morning’


Folk topic

IYKYK is an abbreviation from the crypto community. IYKYK means: “if you know, you know” and refers to (hidden) gems or potentially lucrative NFTs.


Folk topic

Szn is short for season which means market cycle. In crypto, it is being referred to the market rotation where the trend can go up and down.


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NGMI is short for “Not gonna make it” and the antonym of WAGMI. NGMI is typically used when disagreeing with a certain action or as a sign of regret over bad decision.


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WAGMI (also written as GMI) is short for “We all gonna make it” or “Gonna make it”. It refers to an optimistic state about the future of NFT’s and Cryptocurrencies.