NFT & crypto words Dictionary


Shill of shilling is when someone is trying to promote and convince someone else to buy a certain crypto coin or NFT. This word has a negative connotation.


IYKYK is an abbreviation from the crypto community. IYKYK means: “if you know, you know” and refers to (hidden) gems or potentially lucrative NFTs.


Mint and minting are absolutely crucial for NFT. If you mint an NFT, you are creating a digital object on the blockchain. Minting, therefore, means ‘creating’.


Szn is short for season which means market cycle. In crypto, it is being referred to the market rotation where the trend can go up and down.

ape in

Ape in is a slang term from the crypto community. It refers to people who buy crypto coins or NFTs without properly researching them.

(see: ape)


An ape is another word for a monkey. Next to that, Ape or Ape in is also a word which is created by the crypto community and refers to people who buy NFT’s without doing proper due dilligence.


NGMI is short for “Not gonna make it” and the antonym of WAGMI. NGMI is typically used when disagreeing with a certain action or as a sign of regret over bad decision.


WAGMI (also written as GMI) is short for “We all gonna make it” or “Gonna make it”. It refers to an optimistic state about the future of NFT’s and Cryptocurrencies.


CT is an abbreviation and short for Crypto Twitter. Twitter has become a place where cryptocurrency lovers and NFT lovers can share their love with huge community who like to Tweet about their projects and acquisitions.


GN is the reverse of GM and stands for “good night”. Lately, it is being used by the crypto community to say goodbye on social media.